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My children are older that the children I have in the playgroup so their Christmas list is different. I though you might be inspired if you have children aged 4 and over (my son is 4 and my daughter is 9).

In general, my children have 3 to 5 gifts each, some of them are second hand or bargains found during the year, and some are more “specific” requests from them. Every two years, we spend Christmas and/or New Year in Belgium, where we are from and they receive then lots of presents as they don’t see extended family often. This year, my own family is here (Grand-parents) so they have presents from their Grand-dad in addition to our presents.

This year here what they will get:

Books. My children get books all year long, mostly from Charity shops, mainly because I’m rubbish at using the library, I’m always late and I have late fees to pay all the time so I’ve stopped my membership to the public library and buy cheap books with them and give them back after use… But for Christmas, I choose a few specifics ones to keep.

The Famous Five Collection 1: Books 1-3 (Famous Five Gift Books and Collections)
My daughter is an avid reader and she read every day constantly, she is into classics lately (she read My Secret Garden, Little Women…). I hope she will enjoy the Famous five as there are plenty more to read after the first 3.
 1000 Animals (1000 Pictures): another Usborne book, this one is for my 4 years old who loves all animals and like to look at pictures of animals and mainly play with animals!

Their special requests:

Here what my daughter asks for. I was quite ok with her choice although I make my own kinetic sand (cloud dough) but why not, the set is not expensive. Obviously my son asked then for something similar so the castle is my son’s choice and the ice cream is my daughter’s choice.
Motion Sand® Castle Bucket Playset

Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats Playset (Pink)

And not pictured, an wooden easel for my daughter to paint outside and a hulk dress up for my son! He is into Super heroes and we indulge him from time to time (he has a Spider-Man costume bought offered to him two years ago).

I still have to wrap everything!

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