Favourite board games

As a family, we enjoy playing board games. We started when my daughter was 2 years old. She was already able to count and quickly learned to count on the dice (up to 6 even if she was loosing her focus with more than 4 dots on the dice).


Her first board game was:
Orchard Toys The Game of Ladybirds. A great first math/counting game.


Then we were hooked to the Orchard toys, designed and made in UK! So many that we like! I find most of those board games at the local charity shops.
Orchard Toys Shopping List Game

Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game

We also like to play with non competitive games like this one, where everyone has to collect fruits before the crow reaches the end of the path.
HABA My First Orchard My Very First Games This is the youngest ones version, there are different versions of this game.

We also have the travel version with cards.

We are also big fan of classic games like draught, snakes and ladders and simple card games.

My 9 year old has started to play chess too. By the way, there is a guide book about how to learn to play chess the Montessori way!

Another favourite brand is Djeco and we have many of the card games. Because we travel often to our family in Belgium, the kids have been offered many games from that brand, easy to bring back home in the suitcase, and also easy to play while travelling.

Djeco Card Game – Batamino
 It’s a first game of battle when the player who has the biggest animal win (you see numbers on the cards too). We enjoy this game together with my son since he is 3, with his big sister too (4 years gap so it’s sometimes challenging to find games that they will both enjoy)

Djeco Card Game – Diamoniak
Be the first person to build a castle in one’s own color. More advanced in terms of rules. (recommended for children aged 5 to 9)

Here another “classic” from our own childhood and I love to play with this one. My son used to play in my team until very recently. He can now play by himself with only a bit of input from me.
UNO Cards

We also found this antic game in my husband’s grandmother house. It was his mum’s game that he played with when he was little. We brought it back home and now we play with my 9 years old. I used to play this game too as a child and still enjoy it very much!
Dujardin – 59062 – Mille Bornes Fun & Speed Card Game – Metal Box
Other classic toys we like: Mastermind and Who’s who!

A last one that I might order to get in time for New year eve to have fun with the kids.

Hasbro Pie Face Game

What are your favourite board games? Share in comments!


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