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Best Montessori toys for Easter

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Montessori, Toys |

I have always associated Easter with Spring, outdoor and good weather. So in our family, the kind of toys we buy at Easter are essentially nature and outdoor orientated. Following the Montessori principles (real tools, to practice life skills or explore the world), I present you my selection.

This year, we are offering a bike to my son and a two wheels scooter to my daughter so only one gift as it’s quite expensive.

But here a list of the things I have offered in the past or ideas that I will forward to our family:

Easter plastic eggs: the best buy ever! We do an Easter egg hunt and the first time we did it, my daughter was 2. Then we had to hid the eggs in turn until the Summer, it was her favourite game. And there are so many activities you can do with a set of Easter eggs (make sure to have two of each colour, I’m planning a blog post with ideas so stay tuned).

Microscope:images I remember fondly my first microscope and I can wait to offer one to my children (BIG HINT to grand-parents!!!). Anything that encourage the children to get in touch in nature is great!

Magnifying glasses:41YdRoVm68L

Both my children have a magnifying glass and use it for outdoor exploration but also in various activities inside. It can be left on the “nature’s table” if you have one.


we bought a pair a few years ago at Kew Garden. Now that Louis is 5, we need a second pair as my daughter is not forthcoming to share hers (I remember that she bought it with her own pocket money). I would advice a real efficient pair of binocular and not bother with a toy’s one.

The little book of Woodland birds songs:


we bought the garden one for my daughter. This one is next on the list for her.

Nature treasure hunt cards: to be honest, I should be able to do this game myself but lacking the time, I’m thinking of buying this one for a while. Just to have an incentive to explore when we are out and about. Sometimes, it’s me who needs a push as the children most of the time have their own ideas.

Gardening tool’ set: 81C1cVG0pWL._SL1500_My children love to help in the garden and we have tools for them and gloves! The gloves are super important for them!

Wheelbarrow31Y135GQWVL: My son received one when he was around 2 and he had, and still, such a pleasure to transport wood and stones from one side of the garden to the other. Last year, I dig my first vegetable patch and I had to remove lots of stones, my son participated greatly by taking them away. Prefer a metal one that it’s sturdier and heavier, so it’s not falling when your child fills it. And as he will have to make an physical effort to push it, that will give him a real sensation.

Butterfly growing kit81s-IlhtOpL._SL1500_

we did the experience last year and I’m planning to do this again this year. However, it might be better to wait for a warmer weather to start it. With the kit, you will receive a voucher to order your butterfly’s eggs so you can decide when to start (make sure you have 10 days at home ahead of you and warm weather).

Tuff tray51M0pNOIo9L._SL1000_

Use this as a sand pit, sensorial exploration tray, outdoor table, painting table, planting pots table and much more. Obviously you can play inside too. If your child is under 2, I would not bother with the stand for now and just take the tray. This one is coming to the playgroup!

Balance bike61PkXw6X9rL._SL1000_

this is the one my child is currently using. We offered it to my daughter 7 years ago and my son inherited it. It’s great for balance and confidence. Highly recommended.

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