How to make your own Montessori printable documents

Montessori printableHow to make themAnd a freebie

When you start to be interested by the Montessori education, you will come across many Montessori printables of all kind on the Internet.

During my training (aimed at the education of children 3 to 6 years old), I had to make my own material. Mainly it was the language series and some cultural material, such as the continent folders or classification cards (also called 3 parts cards).

At the time, we were told to collect old National Geographic and other interesting magazines. However with google image, it is now so much easier to search for the perfect pictures to print.

Many parents and teachers are resourceful and talented and have made their own material and they made it available for free or for a small cost. Some websites are entirely dedicated to Montessori printables.

I’m not that talented but here a few tricks I have learned along the way:

  • google search for images: depending of how you will use the pictures, you can select by usage rights.  To do so, go under images then tools, then you can filter by usage rights. Peace of mind if you share your printables.
  • right format for your  3 part cards: A free Template on Teacher pay by teachers.
  • if you have lots of schleich animals, just google the schleich pictures to print. If you have some safari toobs collection, take pictures of each objects and print for a quick matching game.
  • print on cardstock for a better quality and laminate your cards. Cut the corners with a round corner punch.

Now what to print?

For the toddlers in my playgroup, I mainly have matching cards for various set of objects to refine language: fruits, animals, musical instruments… Any every day objects can be matched with a picture. At first, I only present the picture with the word written underneath. When the children start to show an interest for letters and sounds, you can add the cards with the word slip.

Now for the bonus. Here one of my FREE printable document. I did this one to go with this memory game that contains very cute garden creatures. I’ve added a worm in the printable as I had an extra space.

Click on the link below for your Free printable, feel free to use it in your home or classroom. If you share it on your blog or social media, I would be grateful if you can link to this blog post.

Clink on the link below to download your FREE printable document.


garden animals



Spring Montessori activities

Spring Montessoriactivities (1)

I like to vary the activities I provide in the Montessori playgroup. This half-term, I will present many Spring inspired activities.

So here our new trays:

– sorting flowers by colour: the flowers counters come from a game and I added some home-made laminated flowers (cost £0 as I had already everything)

  • inset for design: I only have this one available for the session to invite them to draw flowers.
  • DSCF5053
  • Flower stamp (from my huge scrapbooking collection!)
  • DSCF5054
  • I found this free (and many more) printable here
  • DSCF5055
  • Cards and counters with flowers (and mushrooms!). Again the counters come from one of our board game.
  • DSCF5056
  • Melissa and Doug pattern block (find it here), I like the Melissa and Doug brand but in general, I simplify the activity by presenting one board at a time, the child has all the blocks he need to make the pictures on both side (one side at a time). I think the game presented in its entirety is more suitable for children over 3 when they can focus for a longer time.
  • 20170424_094442
  • And always one open ended activity: here I use the Grimm stacking cubes, some cute animals from a board game, artificial flower bouquet from Wilko (I cut the flowers) and some stone number counters (find similar one on Imagido!)
  • 20170424_094428

And in your home or classroom, what is new on your shelves?