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Spring Montessori activities

by | Apr 25, 2017 | 14 comments

I like to vary the activities I provide in the Montessori playgroup. This half-term, I will present many Spring inspired activities.

So here our new trays:

– sorting flowers by colour: the flowers counters come from a game and I added some home-made laminated flowers (cost £0 as I had already everything)

  • inset for design: I only have this one available for the session to invite them to draw flowers.
  • DSCF5053
  • Flower stamp (from my huge scrapbooking collection!)
  • DSCF5054
  • I found this free (and many more) printable here
  • DSCF5055
  • Cards and counters with flowers (and mushrooms!). Again the counters come from one of our board game.
  • DSCF5056
  • Melissa and Doug pattern block (find it here), I like the Melissa and Doug brand but in general, I simplify the activity by presenting one board at a time, the child has all the blocks he need to make the pictures on both side (one side at a time). I think the game presented in its entirety is more suitable for children over 3 when they can focus for a longer time.
  • 20170424_094442
  • And always one open ended activity: here I use the Grimm stacking cubes, some cute animals from a board game, artificial flower bouquet from Wilko (I cut the flowers) and some stone number counters (find similar one on Imagido!)
  • 20170424_094428

And in your home or classroom, what is new on your shelves?

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