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Back to school deal on Kindle fire for kids

by | Aug 23, 2017 |

While I am not for encouraging parents to use more “screen” time, I have to admit that my two children have access to the tablet from time to time.

In fact, we bought a tablet for my daughter for her 9th Birthday. Mainly because she wanted to listen to her own music and we found that other devices were not as multi-task and as we hope she is going to keep that tablet for a very long time, the tablet will grow with her. She has also a great language app on it to learn Spanish and French (she speaks a perfect French but likes to use it for writing/spelling in French).

My son uses my own tablet from time to time. I have to be honest, it’s very rare for him. He is 5 and he is happy enough with his “camera vtech”.

Anyway, back to the Kindle Fire for kids!

From today Wednesday (23rd August), Amazon will be offering up to a £30 saving on its range of Fire Kids Edition Tablet! 

Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited is the first-ever all-in-one subscription that brings together all the types of content that kids aged 3-12 want, with thousands of books, movies, TV shows, educational apps and games. Fire Kids Edition includes a year of Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited at no additional cost.

This tablet has also the best parental controls on the market and I really like the idea that my child can read books on that tablet. She is an avid reader and consume so many books that we don’t have enough space in the bedroom (I’m not even over reacting! No way I can KonMari her books 😉 )

So take advantage of that great “Back to school discount!what_kids_want_01-img._CB510171619_


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