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“Never help a child at a task he feels he can succeed” Maria Montessori.

In order to help a child to become independent, we must provide him with the right tools and it’s even more true for the practical life activities.

Many parents are surprised when coming to the playgroup that the children will prepare their own snack. However, they are soon amazed to see the dexterity of their young toddlers at work! One of their fear is to see their child using a knife.

The first one that I introduce to young toddler is the crinkle cutter. Children can cut soft vegetable and fruits with this one, such as cucumber, banana, celery, tomatoes, … And it’s totally safe! 







You can use a butter knife or give child-size cutlery to your child to spread butter or cutter soft food (such as banana, cheese…)

When the child is a bit older, you can give them some more grown-up knives that will cut more challenging food, such as carrots. We currently use the Ikea Smabit knife. This knife is recommended for children 8+. It’s sharp but with a rounded edge. Our 5 years old uses it but under close supervision.

Below is the selection of knives that a child can use after the crinkle cutter and before the Ikea’s one. (I haven’t use any of these personally but they were recommended on Montessori for families UK fb group)


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