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Activity advent calendar – Free printable

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Christmas, Montessori, Printable | 0 comments

This year, I have made the commitment to have a Simple Christmas time, at home with my husband and children.

For the past 10 years, we have been travelling back to our families or we have welcome guests in our house. It means that we didn’t have many opportunities to develop our own traditions, or to take the time to slow down. So I’m grateful to have the chance to spend a quiet Christmas only the 4 of us this year.

I’m currently teaching an online Montessori inspired course about how to simplify Christmas. For these course, I made many printables and handouts.

And we have discussed the idea of the advent calendar. Instead of choosing a chocolate or toy’s one this year, why not taking the opportunity to do things with your children? Any holidays can be a time to connect and to spend time with each other (instead of spending money).

This year, I have bought a simple fabric advent calendar (at my local Lidl) for a few pounds. And I have chosen some activities I want to enjoy with my children such as: make some Christmas decorations, bake biscuits, decorate a gingerbread man, collect natural items to decorate the tree, movie night, game night, make a charity box, and so on. I alternate the activity days with some “pick a book” day as I have bough a few new books and second hand ones to add to our collection this Winter.

All the activities are easy with very low preparation and can be adapted to any age. I have included in my printable, 3 empty sheets for you to add your own ideas.

To get your printable, clink on theĀ image below to subscribe to my newsletter, print and enjoy this time of the year with your children!

Little tip: make a note of what you will do what day to make sure you are ready!

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