A Giveaway!

A Giveaway!

I have reached a milestone on my fb page! I said that I will run a competition when I reach 2000 likes and I have now 2003 likes! So a big thank you! I’m delighted to see that many of my new likes are also local and families who come to my playgroups so even...

Recommended Montessori readings

Here are the recommended books to start with the Montessori education. I read all those books and they are all very helpful for parents with children under 6. How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way: first book I read when my daughter was 6 months old. I...

My own kids list!

My children are older that the children I have in the playgroup so their Christmas list is different. I though you might be inspired if you have children aged 4 and over (my son is 4 and my daughter is 9). In general, my children have 3 to 5 gifts each, some of them...
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