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Local homeschoolers support

Where: Tesco’s community room, Barford Rd, St Neots, PE19 2HD
Alternatively, you can set up a workshop in your house, or take this workshop as a 1 to 1
When: Sunday from 10.00am to 12:00pm. Please contact me for the next date
£15 per family for the group workshop. Tea and coffee included
£40 for the 1 to 1, tailored to your needs workshop

  • What is the Montessori education
  • How to apply the principles of the Montessori education in a homeschooling situation
  • You child’s development, the sensitive periods and how to support your child during each period.
  • How to set up your home to promote independence and self-learning
  • Practical and easy to implement ideas and activities
  • Introduction to the Montessori teaching for reading, writing and numeracy
  • What to buy, what not to buy
  • The workshop includes a detailed booklet


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